Our services

By applying all the collected experience, we focus on saving your time and offer exceptional customer support experience.


Behind every successful customer support team is the system implemented in the right way. Using years of experience, we'll provide all the help you need with call center and dialer implementation, and call center and CRM integration.

Lead generation

We understand the importance of contacting new prospects and offering them your services or products in a professional manner. We can help with collecting and verifying leads, maintaining the CRM database, and performing the activities that convert leads into customers.


Do you struggle with abandoned call rates and managing agent skills? By being available for prompt customer support you show your customers that you care for them. We’ll collect the calls, log the inquiries, and help your customers to successfully resolve potential issues.


Are you sure that your outbound campaigns are giving results? We are executing cost-effective campaigns where the key is understanding your customers' needs and setting up a system in the right way. Let's not forget the potential of upselling existing customers!

Why Choose Us

We will act as your partner and start with understanding how your processes are set up and what do you want to achieve with a specific project. We won’t immediately suggest anything as learning about your and your customers’ needs/behavior is half the job done!


Creative Solutions

Typical call script and unified reports and charts? NO WAY! This all needs to fit your KPIs. We will offer what we estimate as your path to success. It is extremely important to approach it with full trust and transparency. Try us!


Attention to details

We do not let anything escape our attention. E.g., you have an abandoned call rate is 0.2% and you think to yourself “Well, it’s not much, it is still under 3% which ensures compliance...". But, what if you could offer several options to customers while they are on hold? What if you could convert the possible abandoned call into a verified lead? We know how to do it!


Flexible Pricing

We do not have unified pricing plans. We want to adapt this to your and our budgets as a team! We believe in incentive plans, and as you grow - we will grow with you and earn more. As simple as that.


Five Happy Customers

As a young company, we have already managed to gain trust on an international level, and we are proud of what we have achieved. We have already been recognized among the 50 most successful startups in Eastern Europe. Read more about it here.

We're familiar with various tools

We understand that each company is different, and that tools which are used vary.
We have experience in using Five9, Zoho, Avaya, Saleforce, and we can quickly adapt to the new ones.

Implementing an adequate solution is one of the crucial parts of an awesome customer journey.
We'll help you with choosing and implementing the appropriate one.

What our clients and partners say:

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